N.CH supports you in developing, implementing and improving sustainable and innovative solutions for current challenges. Our network includes the academic expertise from universities such as the London School of Economics (LSE), the Hertie School, and the ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW SML). We see consulting as an inter- and transdisciplinary service that makes different perspectives and experiences visible and usable, and transfers the latest scientific findings into practice.

Strategic Foresight

Stratetic Foresight, also known as Corporate Foresight, is a sub-discipline of future studies and provides means for dealing with uncertainty. Negotiation strategies that build upon strategic foresight prepare for various scenarios.

Intercultural Negotiations

A negotiations purpose differs across cultures: for some, the goal is a contract while others focus on relationships. Intercultural negotiations raise awareness of these differences and foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

Litigation PR

Litigation public relations (also known as Litigation PR) is the long-term strategic communication process during a legal dispute/adjudicatory processing so as to affect the outcome or its impact on the client’s overall reputation.

Digital Negotiations

Negotiations take place more and more in the “digital space”, which changes how people interact and communicate with each other. Strategic negotiation strategies take into account these challenges and use the opportunities they provide.



Matthieu Brunner



Co-creative workshops make different perspectives and knowledge visible. Particularly for complex challenges, new solutions are created quickly, as knowledge is exchanged directly between experts. Our workshop models can be flexibly adapted to the needs of both participants and content.


Understanding a challenge means solving it. We combine quantitative and qualitative methods and integrate the knowledge and experience of a wide range of disciplines. The results are sustainable and innovative solutions, ready for application.

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