“Framing & Gender in der Litigation-PR”
Gender-related Litigation PR strategy in financial conflicts

Workshop @ Litigation PR Conference 2020

N.CH organised the workshop “Framing, Gender & Litigation-PR” in the forerun of the Litigation PR Conference 2020

Dr. Daniel Hardegger and Claudia Müller opened the two-and-a-half-hour workshop with an introduction to framing, i.e. the different presentation of the same content. Afterwards, examples were shown of how framing can be used in a targeted way to create a desired effect. The core issue revolved around differences between the sexes, their specific life realities and their financial effects. This includes, among other things, differences in salary and investment behaviour, which leads to women being disproportionately more at risk of financial dependence or poverty in old age.

This theoretical consideration was illustrated by means of a case study: what are the legal foundations of divorce, what are the financial consequences for men and for women, and what framing can be worthwhile or should rather be avoided? The participants discussed the advantages and disadvantages of gender-specific framing and its effects on public perception and possibly the outcome of a court case. Although the legal situation is clear and equal for both genders, the (financial) consequences of a legal dispute and the emotions of the public can be strongly influenced by gender-specific framing.

For more information about the conference please visit Litigation PR Conference webpage.

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