Systemic Strategy Development for Litigation PR

Workshop @ Litigation PR Conference 2018

Design Thinking, Strategic Foresight and striking professors: Nearly 20 participants at this workshop at the Litigation PR Conference 2018 learned about new methods for developing sustainable strategies in Litigation PR and how to apply, using the strike of professors in Great Britain on the pension reform as an case study.

At the beginning, speakers Christian Schlimok from Novamondo and Daniel Hardegger from N.CH introduced the participants to some basic principles of the respective methodologies. Christian Schlimok showed how the principles of design thinking in combination with systems theory help to better understand the respective actors. The focus was on personas, as “templates” for people, and organizationas, as “templates” for organizations. Daniel Hardegger then combined these methods with those from negotiation theory and strategic foresight. The insights gained in this way can ultimately be used to develop innovative and sustainable strategies for litigation PR.
After this theoretical part, the participants worked in groups of two on the organization of an actor/stakeholder in the dispute over the pension provision of professors at universities in the United Kingdom. The focus was on the application of the questions learned from the presentation to the development of Organisationa. After the presentation of the results of the work of the two groups, the findings of the participants were finally transferred to the “Litigation PR Map” as part of a process moderated by the speakers. The aim was to bring the respective positions and interests of the stakeholders together. This made it possible to see which of the stakeholders had primarily the same, similar or conflicting positions and interests.

Based on these findings, the participants finally derived possible communication strategies for individual actors/stakeholders or stakeholder groups in order to better present the respective positions and interests, e.g. to the public, or to better argue against those of the other party. Finally, the insights gained and the strategies developed were presented to the participants alone and final feedback and other ideas were sought.


For more information about the conference please visit Litigation PR Conference webpage.

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