Negotiation Solutions through Design Thinking

Applied Design Thinking for Negotiators

Number of Participants

8 to 12


English or German


Half Day/One Day

When preparing for a negotation, the most important challenge is to become aware not only of ones own positions and interests but of all stakeholders involved. This includes the people as all the organisations they are representing.

Participants will get an insight into the basic methods of Design Thinking and Negotiation Theory and learn how to apply these at various practical exercises. They will learn how do develop ‘personas’ and ‘organisationas’ and how these principles can be used to accelerate the process of making the positions and interests of stakeholders visible. This allows to facilitate the cooperation among negotiators and the development of sustainable negotiation solutions.

For Who

Lawyers, negotiators, politicians, managers, public relations experts and consultants, who would like to improve their negotiation strategies by developing sustainable solutions for all stakeholders involved.


This workshop uses various methodologies, studies and practical knowledge from Design Thinking and Negotiation Theory as inspiration. This allows to provide a broad set of knowledge, insights and skills to the participants, such as:


Summary “The Power of Reputation” – November Conference 2016

Summary “Systemic Strategy Development” – Workshop @ Litigation PR Conference 2018

Your Experts

Daniel Hardegger

Christian Schlimok

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