Strategic Foresight for Litigation PR

Sustainable long-term Litigation PR strategy development

Number of Participants

up to 12


English or German


half day/one day

Litigation PR experts operate in a dynamic environment in which rapid response and the ability to shape are critical success factors. Giving oneself time and thus room for manoeuvre can be of decisive importance for the course of the process.

Based on the methods of strategic foresight, participants learn to anticipate developments in legal communication and develop answers before problems even arise. The aim of the workshop is to show participants ways of avoiding having to “get the situation under control” and instead “getting in front of the situation” – action instead of reaction.

For whom

Lawyers, PR experts and consultants who wish to expand their method portfolio with tools for the strategic planning of Litigation PR processes


The workshop will be based on methods of strategic foresight and scenario analysis that allow a systematic consideration of possible developments and thus attempt to reduce the uncertainty associated with Litigation PR processes. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of these methods and learn how to integrate them into their own work. The workshop includes:

  • the development of scenarios and the derivation of action plans, including the identification of “neuralgic points” that are crucial for the success of the Litigation PR process;
  • scenario-based development of KPIs and controlling approaches as well as an introduction to methods of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT);
  • opportunities and limitations of strategic foresight for the planning of Litigation PR measures and processes.


Summary “Systemic Strategy Development” – Workshop @ Litigation PR Conference 2018

Summary “Some Influences Die Hard” – Workshop @ Litigation PR Conference 2019

Your Experts

Christoph Abels

Daniel Hardegger

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